So i finally lost my cherry bong. Or is it bong cherry. It happened in the most bizarre and randomly unexpected way. But thats the story of my life.

So i had just picked up, and was waking my way to my friends house. I got to this massive four lane high way. I went under the under pass, and when i got to the other side, i looked back and i s aw in the middle of the road was a memorial with a bit of greenery and a few benches. At that moment, the lights switched red and a cop car pulled. I had made up my mind. I crossed the road infront of the cop car, and made my way the memorial. Jumped over and went towards the bench. At that moment something caught my eye. A bright green color. Fluorescent green. I looked closer and it turned out to be a large bong. So someone else had the same idea as me. This was a perfect place to sit and roll a spliff to keep me company till i reached my friends house. But as fate would have it, i had just picked up, found the perfect place. And here was a a bong waiting for me. Obviously nothing people together like weed does, so since i had my own weed he let me use his bong. Damn how little amount of weed u need to get so baked when ur using a bing, haha! So there u go, my first bong experience.