So let me tell you the most emotional roll story ever. So one time i was walking around central London, near Tottenham court road towards Leicester sq. when i saw these two girls talking about weed. So i asked them if they wanted to smoke, knowing i needed company as its never good to smoke alone when there is the option of having company, plus i couldn’t be bothered to roll. So they said yes and i said on condition that they roll.

So we found a quite place, and one of the girls started to prepare for the roll. I got a bit of the weed and out it in the grinder saving myself loads, amd grindeded it. She was preparing the chip and roach, i handed her a sheet form my slilver rilzza pack. Then i told her to hold out the prepared sheet to pour the weed from the grinder. As i poured into the rizla, a bit fell on the floor but i thought to myself, allow it.

So thats when she decided she didnt want to roll anymore. So her friend took over. First thing she did is dropmthe whole,thing on the floor. I was thinkin my myself, really now. Thank i didnt have to worry, as they go on the floor and literally picked up the whole thing, and then decided to let the first gurl roll.

I was like ohh thank god. But u know what the say, bad luck happens in suprts. So she started rolling then sumhow managed to rip thr paper up and then placed the blame on my silver rizla. She then dug in her giant hand bag and managed to find sum blue skins.

And then we finnaly managed to get a roll. Or what was left of the stuff.