So recently I lost a shitload of weight. Its very noticeable, everyone’s been asking me about it, and want to know the secrete of my success. So here it is. This diet requires extreme will power or a drastic change in mentality or circumstances. Well for those that are already in those circumstances all is a slight tweak of habit.

Now I’m not a really fat person. Iv been blessed with high metatablisim and skinny physique to go along with my amazing good looks and great sense of humor.

Unfortunately after university and upon entering the real world, the employed world where money can not only make you very lazy, but also you spend more money on food, not always healthy but a far cry from your student days of noodles, beans and toast, hours spent playing football or Frisbee or hockey or rugby or air gliding or studying or any other random socitiey\student event you happen to get roped into doing.

So the real world led to get a real world problem (fatty belly) and in true real world mentality I said fuck it. I’m too lazy to go to the gym. And I couldn’t care less. Then something happened. I decided I had enough of my current rat race and I quit my job. I didn’t have anything lined up. And I wasn’t so eager to get back to a new rat race straight away.

That is the trick to my success. I was in a false lull, and the pay check was my devil. Now that I had no job I had no pay check. At the same time my cousin came to visit me for a holiday. So not only had I lost my only source of income, my life was about to get a whole lot expensive. Lol

That was the background to my discovery pretty much the only diet that will work. I decided to call it the JSA diet.

So what is the JSA diet. I’m sure many of you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. But for those who don’t:

Its the Job Seekers Allowance Diet.

The JSA is the dole. JSA pays out roughly 50 pound per week. And that comes in every two weeks roughly. This can vary and at times you won’t get paid for ages.

So now my budget shrank from over 1450 per month to less than 500. So did my mentality, and mindset.

At the same time my cousin a big bike fan was forcing me to ride the bloody Barclay’s bike all over London literally for 2 weeks.

So I was forced to excersie and live off of 50 per week. I went from 3 big meals a day, 10 bag a day, to less than 50 per week. What was worse was it came every two weeks so that meant I was always off budget and dying for the next payment.

I’m not saying anyone needs to quit their job or anything drastic. They just have to change their mindset, and follow the strict JSA Diet rules and they should lose shit loads of weight.

The Rules:
– You can not spend more than 50GBP per week, under no circumstances
– The 50GBP must cover everything

Simple yet very effective. I made a conscious decision that I would rather buy weed and dream about food. And was forced into riding a bike. I would rather not be stuck at home all day, so would rather pay for travel than food.

At times I would have no cash, no money in the bank, no more overdraft, and was hitting my credit limit. Which meant I had no choice. Not only was it no food. It was also no travel, no weed, no nothing.

I don’t know how you would be able to cut off access to your money. But I doubt people would be able to adhere to these strict rules who where making more than 50GBP per week, from going over budget. The only thing stopping them is will power.

This diet worked so well with me, and I notice it works so well on my fellow JSA stoners as well. Not only has it made me appreciate money more but I have more will power, mentality has changed and I lost my beer belly completely. I’m just hoping it won’t grow back when I get a job. After my cousin left I don’t ride as much or excersie. So I’m still a lazy bastard.

Now I’m not telling anyone quit their job. But stick to the rules. And you will lose weight. Your body will just use up all the stored fat.