So this one time, I decided I wanted to go see the beach. No I needed to see the beach. I was broke, no money but I did have a bus pass. So I got on the bus, praying the barrier would be open. Got off at clapham junction, and made my way into the station. I knew it was going to be a great night when I saw the barriers where open. I went along and boarded the special train that would lead me to my desire. A beach. So off I was going to Brighton. On the long ass journey I made the most of my time and used the table support to roll myself a joint.

No one bothered me, no one questioned me as usual. As we got closer and closer to my destination, I started taking with the guys sat next to me, laffing and taking about our night. As we got to the last stop before we hit brighton, we started talking about weed. And I took out my crappy roll for the to see. As soon as the door closed and the train started moving, the guy grabbed my joint and light up. So much for rollers rights. We procceded to hot box the carriage and again noone said or did anything haha.

So we got to Brighton in better spirits and headed straight to the beach. Mission accomplished. We then decided we had enough of the beach and decided to go clubing and somehow I managed to get in without paying. Was a sick night as expected. And I managed to hook up with a chick, and guess where we went after they kicked us out? Yup the beach πŸ˜‰