Confessions of a Culture Addict

Space Cake

A sweet and hazy cloud floated out onto the street, daring us to creep closer. Carefully peeking around the open doorway, I sussed out the surroundings. Anxious not to end up in some local stoner central, it was important the atmosphere felt right.

The cafe was more jazzed down than up. A mashed up mix of bright colours tatooed the darkened walls. Graffiti was scrawled on the chairs, scribbled on the tables; it decorated the flooring, and livened up the ceiling. How it got up there, one can only imagine.

A young woman lazily swayed along to the Bob Marley beat. Adjusting her funky purple bandana, she rapidly (with both skill and style) threw together a strange assortment of ingredients which happened to create the most amazing Mint Choc Mocca known to man.

“Lets get some of that chocolate cake…Im bloody starving”

“We’ll get the banana one as well…that looks tasty”

As we munched our way through the delicious goodies…

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