So my friend comes through with some of these clear Cyclone cones. Packages cost $1 (by me) and it comes with 2 cones and a packing stick. I was hesitant to inhale something that looks and feels like plastic. The material is actually cellulose, a plant fiber that is a healthier alternative to many blunts tobacco products. This all seemed pretty cool, but the ultimate test would be how she smoked.

After tightly packing over a gram into the cone (the capacity is impressive), we fired her up. It hit beautifully. A pure, clean burn. No canoeing or air bubbles to be found. The flavor we got (purple) was delicious without compromising the taste of the bud. It’s also fun to see the weed as you smoke it. The cellulose paper has no taste or odor. It seems like a good alternative to harsher papers.

All in all, I highly

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