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Rumour has it a strange, exotic island exists off the coast of Thailand. Here there is enough weed for the rest of your life. Everybody that lives here exist together harmoniously, rejecting the modernization of everywhere else but instead live off of the island’s resources and the occasional trip to the mainland. Leonardo di Caprio is Richard, our young protagonist, already fed up with what his generation has to offer. Easily bored, Richard travels and flutters around looking for adventure at every opportunity he gets, from doing shots of snake blood to smoking joints with his erratic neighbour whom the rest of his hostel has chosen to ignore. It is of course, this encounter with the   aforementioned neighbour, Daffy, that opens his eyes to the fact that this fantasy island may actually become his reality.

Though eager to break free from the conventional tourist roots, Richard is afraid to do it alone. Roping in hostel…

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