So I’m a big sports fan. Well I have certain sports I like and others I like to know about. I also have my faveorite teams and sport. I’m a big United fan as you can tell from this blog. And I’m open minded and like to have general idea of what’s going on everywhere.

Anyways I just got to thinking tonight after linking up with my boy and we chilled. One my way home I was reading about the rugby world cup draw. I’m not a big rugby fan, nor do I know too much about it. But the article was pretty good. And it got me thinking about the successful teams in Rugby and how different they were to football, and especially at club level, and how different they are. But also who dominated the last 10 to 20 years. So I thought I’d try something. Bear with me. But I want to try looking at a few sports that I like, but also a few I’m not really that into, and analysing over the last 10 to 20 years and seeing how countrys compare with clubs especially across sports. Ill split them up by sport first and see what if there is anything in this idea at all or not. Wish me luck.