So let me start out by saying I hope you enjoy this story and that it has nothing to do with the film. Ok so recently I woke up and I had no recollection of what happened to me or where I was. So I looked down and noticed that ok no this is not my bed. Looked left and right not a single chick in sight. Looked right and left not a single guy quickly whipped my forehead at that sweat that thought had caused. Then I looked more carefully. The bed was tiny. Even smaller than my uni dorm, so no I couldn’t be back there. Ok loomed at my hands and that was where I found my first real clue. I had something on my left hand on the top side of my palm. I it was sticky in a really weird shape, like the resins of sticky gluey something had been stuck to my hand. Upon further inspection of the shape and the resin it looked like something familiar. I then needed confirmation so I looked further up on my left hand for that definite confirmation, and sure enough there it was, a hospital bracelet. The resin was what was left after they removed the pulse and vitals or whatever the medical terminology is. Sure enough on my other hand wad the same resin further down on my lower right arm, and I quickly realised the reason for that was inserted into my arm was a fluids drip thingy and the bag was just finishing the final bits of liquid. The resin I latter found out was annoying in that even after 2 showers refused to properly go off, and the only way I managed to properly and quickly get it off was using aftershave which quickly got rid of it. And you the best thing about having the drip in my arm. Is that there was absolutely no hang over even though I had no recollection of what happened the night before. There u go hang over part three without the hang over, I woke up in a bed, safe and sound, phone wallet, cash in the wallet, sunglasses, all present and accounted for, and best of all, whatever happened must have been interesting, and story worthy, and no hang over if I did drink that is.