The first rule of smokers ettiqette. Rollers rights. Rollers rights gives very special privilages to the lucky rollerit makes a mockery of the moans and groans heard when someone is asked to roll.

Firstly the rolers rights dictates that he person who rolled it is the one that has to spark up the joint. I would be very happy to be the first to smoke that this reason alone is amazing.

Secondly the roller as the one with the most experience of the joint having not only lit it up but also had the first took but also rolled it is the one who says if its a one puff pass or a two bun draw or a three hit.

Iv had much experience of rollers rights, but the best advice to give is to let the person with the best roll roll it. As nothing is more annoying than some complainig about your roll to your face when your sharing the joint with them.