First story. I have been smoking for the past two years, and I only just learnt how to roll a couple of months ago. In the beginning I refused to let myself learn how to roll. I thought that would me I would be able to cut back and not smoke up as much. Boy was I wrong. Haha. All it meant was that I would not be able to smoke unless I was with someone that would or could roll for me. I have a bunch of friends who are stoners just like me. So that was not a big problem for me. But on the few occasions when I had dro on me but did not have anyone with me that could roll, I would have to ask random people to help me roll. That lead me to many an adventure and I will tell you all about them.

The funny thing about rolling is the different ways people roll. And how proud they are of their roll. But the most important thing is what they call “rollers rights”. The person who rolled it is the one who lights up. That means I was forced to not only hand over my dro to some to roll it, but they then had rollers rights over me.  But then again the most amazing thing about weed is that it brings people together and I always love to share the love. The way I see it, the only thing better than lunch is a free lunch, and the only thing better then weed is free weed. But the best thing is a good roll, and the only thing that can top that up is good company.