The most important type of roll. The back strap. This is also one of the hardest rolls to do. If someone can roll a backstrap joint then they should be the ones who should be allowed to roll. A backstrap roll means it is rolled backwards with the sticky bit that you are meant to lick facing down. This means when you roll to lick the sticky side, you have to lick it through the paper as the paper is covering it, but this does mean that there is a lot of excess paper that isn’t used in the roll which is ripped off or burnt off. This makes for a much thinner and stronger joint and a much stronger high. Personally my normal joints don’t come out perfectly every time, so i dont have a lot of hope of mastering the backstrap anytime soon. Ill leave it to the professionals for now and worry about it when i think i will be able to master it. They do after all say practice makes perfect.