I have recently been smoking up with a lot of different people of many colours shapes and sizes. Many religious beliefs, or economic beliefs, or political beliefs. Different races, different sexes. And I’m an open minded and social guy, so I always try to find common-ground with people. I try to talk to everyone and engage with them. I keep myself well informed and well-rounded and can hold a conversation about most things. The best conversations are the ones that add something of value or something new or exciting. And those are the ones that you remember most. I’d like to think I added value to someone’s life. The one thing more than any other that brought people together I found is in the words of the king himself “smoke two joints before I smoke two joints and the I smoke two more”‘ bob Marley is passing the joint to someone you are having a deep conversation with. And nothing can bring people together like playing bob Marley music and ending the conversation. “Let’s get together and feel alright”.

Smoke 2 Joints:

Three Little Birds: