So one time me and my boy split a ten bag between us, went for a smoke up, and were just chilling. We went to get some food, and after we finished we headed to get the train home. I needed to get the train going north and he needed to get the train heading south. When we got to the station we realised that i had the stash on me and we needed to split it. We were standing right near the escalator for the train heading north, my train, as i reached into my bag to grab the stash. The guy who sold it to us had put it in a ripped off corner of an envelope. I quickly grabbed it and gave it to my boy. He was fiddling around for what felt like ages trying to split it in two. I was thinking to myself hurry up dude. When all of a sudden a door on our right opened up and a women walked out. She was wearing uniform that showed she worked on the trains. As soon as my friend saw her walk towards us he went pale as fuck and nearly wet himself he could barley hear he was so nervous. I on the other hand was calm and relaxed. Once she approached us she said to us, “conduct your business elsewhere, your blocking the way for the escalators.” I quickly looked up and realised she was right, so i quickly apologised, and grabbed my friend out of the way. Once we were clearly out of the way of the escalator, i asked her if this new place we were standing in was fine, and she said meh. My friend had finally regained his consciousness, and asked me what she wanted, as he mIssed all of what she said. I quickly explained, and he was like phew, I thought we were done for mate. I told him hurry the fuck up or take it all, or else we will be done for. I asked what the hold up was and he explained to me that he had no where to put it. I quickly pulled out my baccy pack from my pocket and told him to put my share in there, and to take the envelope. I quickly grabbed the baccy off him when he was done, said bye and we quickly rushed off. The whole way home i thought about the use of the word conducting and chuckled to myself.