This story happened to me a while back. So one time me, my cus,and, my boy picked up from our usual place, and we headed off to find somewhere safe to roll and smoke. So we were walking through a quite residential neghboourhood when we came across one of those nice little parks in the middle of a the street. So we said perfect and jumped over the fence to get in. It was dark as we walked across the minature park to our destination which was the bench. This was a special bench as it had a large thick bush between it and e fence behind it. So we rolled the joint, and sparked up and started chating like always, when allof a sudden my boy grabed me by the arm and put his finger to his lips. So i just sat there in abslute silence wondering what was happening. After a what felt like a good few years my friend released my arm and told me to check if the coast was clear. I quickly walked over to the gate and jumped over. Then walked back to where they were waiting and told them it was all clear. They jumped over the fence and we hurried away, or kept it stepping as my cus would say. As we walked off i asked them who the was, and the response was quick. CID on bikes. They had stopped because the could smell sumthing. We quickly heard why, as they said “i smell fart and its lingering”. Thank god for the bush which was the only thing seperating us from them. And also i guess that no one called, or watsapped, or bbed any one of us, or that we were all smart enough to put our phones on vibrate.