Recently two things happened to me that are quite common but the outcome of which is very annoying. Don’t worry this isn’t a story about identity theft or fraud or midlife crisis. The first thing that happened is that i recently submitted my passport to the ho e office for a visa extension. I will be lucky if i get it back anytime within the next 10 years, what with all the visa changes, the thousands of backlogged cases, the olympic games, the boarder patrol strike action, the ever increasing refugee applications. So its probably closer to 50 years, but i not in any rush. The second thing is a much happier story. I recently passed my driving test, thank you very much, and so i have sent my provisional licence off to the DVLA to get it replaced with the shiny new pink full licence, everything is much better in pink.

Unfortunately as both ended up happening at the same time, i am now officially identity less. I cant prove my age, or who i am. I can buy cigarettes or alcohol. I cant go clubbing or open up a bank account, or even withdraw money for that matter.

It is a major problem, and one you fall into by accident. But something must be done about it.