The most important thing when getting high is making sure you are stocked up when it comes to the munchies. Or making sure you have an idea of what you want to eat or the number of the takeaway you want to order from.

So one time i was in my friends dorm room, and we were smoking up and watching a movie when my other friend called me saying he was coming over. Once he arrived and we were in the process of rolling up another joint for him, and we finished asking about how we all were. We gave him the joint to light up, and me and my boy turned our attention to munchy duty.

So before we came to a conclusion of what we wanted to order. Our latecomer decided to tell us a story of the last time he placed a phone order for food when he was baked. And how he wasn’t able to do it as he was laughing to much. And he ended up going to the shop instead. We just laughed at him and continued our debate.

We finally agreed that we were going to order from a kebab place, which took about 10 mins of debating. Now came the hard bit, which was choosing the items we wanted to order. Kebab, or burger, or Chicken shish. This debate took even longer but eventually we agreed to get three different orders and share between the three of us.

Now that we had agreed the food order the hard part was done, and all that was left was the easy part or so we thought. So I picked up my phone and dialled the number, had the order in mind and tried to place an order. Unfortunately all I could think of at the moment in time was the story our friend told us about his failed order, and how much fun we made out of him, that i could do nothing but piss myself laughing and from the laughs coming from my friends the same thought process was going through their minds.

I was laughing too hard i was not able to place the order at all, and the guy on the phone must have thought i was a crazy person. I quickly threw the phone to my boy for him to place the order. But he was also laughing too hard. He then threw the phone to the our other friend but he was on the floor crying from laughter that he was even more useless.

It was then i decided i had to man up, grabbed the phone, and took a deep breath. I was now a man on a mission, so that helped me keep the laughter in check and the serious voice coming through. I was focusing so hard on trying not to laugh that i was just reading out the memorised preordered list from my head and not even listening to him or trying to have conversation.

My mission being done i hung up and let the laughter flow out of me. My boys congratulated me on a job well done. But the congrats soon turned to howls of laughter when they realised i had placed the order to be collected from the library instead of literally just downstairs like we always do. As my punishment i was made to brave the cold wind and trek to the library to collect the food order.

I quickly wrapped up nice and warm and set off on my way, but to be honest, the library wasn’t too far away, and i was back i side the warmth with the food in 10 mins. While i was away my boys prepared the plates and cutlery, so we were able to eat straight away as soon as i got back. By this point we were starving and the food was quickly devoured. And we went back to watching the film.