So I was at this BBQ at my boy’s house. We were all smoking up, drinking a few beers and waiting for the food to cook. Then one of the people who was there whipped out something form their bag. We all waited while they got everything ready to see what it was. Then we quickly realised that it was only of those bubble blowing things that kids get all excited over. We were quickly surrounded by bubbles and the conversation got flowing again. One of the guys all of a sudden got so excited and started taking really fast. He grabbed the bubble making thingy and too much anticipation and hype started trying to show us something. He said he practices every day to be able to do this. So we were all excited watching in anticipation. He then proceeded to blow the smallest bubble ever. At which point we all were all about to piss ourselves laughing. He then tried again and this time his attempt was a lot better and we forgave him. So what was he trying to do then, he was attempting to catch a bubble h blew back onto the plastic holder and try to blow it into another bubble and then catch it again and blow it into another bubble to make six bubbles inside each other. The most he managed that day was 3. But it was still impressive and you have to admire his perseverance. If he does manage it I promise to take a picture and put it one here.