One time me and my boy met up for some shisha. Afterwards as we made our way home we decided to smoke up as we had quite a long walk. On the way we walked past a McDonalds and decided to stop for a burger. It was quite late and as we tried to push the door open but quickly realised it was closed. Upon closer inspection we realised that the drive through was open 24 hours so we thought well were not driving i wonder if they will serve us. So we walked past to try and place our order. To our surprise they allowed us to place an order, and we quickly walked to the next window. There was a car parked up awaiting his order, and a car pulled up behind us to place his order, making a sandwich out of me and my friend.

Once our order was ready we went up to collect it and the. Walked around McDonalds to the outside sitting area and ate our food. Then made our way back home.

I was telling another one of my friend about my experience and he was like your so lucky, because one time i tried to walk through the drive through, but they would not serve me at all.