Alcohol was prohibited in more countries than the U.S.A. and still is in some. Now it’s legal in most and people drank it anyway, even when it was ‘illegal.’ Same goes for weed, Colorado and California are great examples of what is going to happen everywhere in the next 50 years: weed will become legal, just like alcohol.

It does less damage to you and society than alcohol. The main reason for weed to be illegal are a) it was not part of western culture for millennia, unlike alcohol, b) the U.S. cotton trade back in the day was threatened by weed plants. Weed can make better fabric and grows under much rougher conditions; c) in the U.S. segregation policies of the pre 1960’s associated blazing with the black population and later also with the anti-establishment movement. They are all outdated now and really should not influence modern policy making.

From a medical point of view all that THC does in large dosages is it can cause paranoia and makes you forgetful. Alcohol causes brain damage, liver damage, kidney damage and turns you into an idiot. You might become angry, fall over, or even worse drive a car. You sleep with ugly people and you do things you regret, not just the hang over the next day. Plus, alcohol is actually addictive and when you go cold turkey, it is worse than Heroin, your heart can stop beating. Now there are no weed addicts and no long term is harm done by Cannabis. The worst thing that happens when you’re high is you become a lazy, boring pizza eating dude. The worst thing that can happen on Alcohol is that you O.D. and die of alcohol poisoning.


Alcohol was prohibited and people flocked to illegal parties to drink it. It was much cooler because it was illegal, hence people were more likely to consume it, not just as a bonding experience, but also to be cool. And besides, drinking a few glasses once in a while isn’t really any bad. When weed is legalized there will be an initial peak in the consumption, because of the novelty, but then it will decline. Look at Holland; it’s legal there and the Dutch barely smoke at all, it’s only the tourists.

The Mafia smuggled the booze, like they smuggle el Ganja now. Instead of reducing crime, taxing the weed, controlling its flow the government wastes billions of dollars trying to eradicate the weed dealers and growers. They won’t go away! There is a demand. Besides, weed doesn’t do much damage and is socially totally the norm from Asia to South America, everybody has done it. I bet you globally more people blaze than they drink. Weed is easier to grow and doesn’t conflict with so many cultures.

So, all in all, reduce crime, save money by having to fight less crime, make money by taxing it, make sure the weed is good and save by regulating its quality. Create jobs by people testing it, manufacturing it, regulating it, selling it.


The people have already caught on to it, the governments too, they just seem to be reluctant to advance and go with the times. After all aren’t democracies build to be in favour of what we the people want? Instead they stay with some old times consensus, just because they don’t dare to be progressive. Without people fighting for our rights Apartheid and the like would still damage societies. Same goes for weed. If us the people don’t do something about it, the law won’t be changed and you and your friends will be discriminated the government for possession, smoking or passing some on. That’s wrong, let’s work together to make it right.