Milk and Cigarettes

Here’s a tip for all you students: GO TO FUCKING CLASS!

I recently had the final exam in the class I taught over the summer. (The class was introduction to functions and graphs – basic, high school level mathematics.) I only had 11 students, so marking went fast. (Thank flaming Christ.) 1 student just plain ol’ missed the final exam, so I only had 10 exams to mark. Most of the students got about 80 or higher – one got a 67, and one got a 38.5 (out of 100.)

Now, most of the students were basically good students. Showed up to class, asked questions, took advantage of office hours, did their homeworks, etc… However, the guy that flunked the final didn’t show up to class, didn’t do the homeworks, never came to office hours or tutorials, etc… Basically, he didn’t show any initiative throughout the 3 months of class.

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