Rasta Troll Glass


Its not easy being an acrylic bong. You are either loved or hated by the weed smoking community. Whatever your personal beef might be with these plastic devices on fact remains unbeatable; They are hard to break.

Though some argue acrylic bongs are generic and tacky, you can not deny their practicality. Don’t believe me? Picture this, a pristine bong collection. Literally thousands of dollars invested in beautiful high end pieces, each one crafted with love and with care. All polished, cleaned, and displayed for both smoking and viewing pleasure. Would you want to pass around your beautiful $2000 custom Illadelph bong to a room full of friends drinking at a party? I think not.

Just when you thought you would be stuck smoking sub par joints all night, wishing for the rush of a fat bong toke, the super tacky UFO shaped Acrylic bong saves the day! It might…

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