Ramblin' Rangecommander

Me to my flatmate: “I am going to out to the coffee shop to read my book. I’ll see you later.”
Her: “You’re going to read in a coffeeshop?”
Me: “Yeah, I like to drink a latte while I read.”
Her (chuckling now): “You mean you are going to a coffee bar. A coffeeshop is to smoke.”

DSCN2700It didn’t seem to matter how long I was in NL or how many times I was corrected, I still couldn’t get the lingo down that a “coffeeshop” (all one word) was for smoking weed and a “coffee bar” was for actually drinking coffee. It is my own personal pet peeve that whomever deemed the weed dispensaries “coffeeshops” co-opted a perfectly useful word and made it just plain confusing for people like me who are used to going to “coffee shops” to drink lattes. When people would…

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