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Marijuana, Ganja, Mary Jane, whatever you call it.  That is the subject of today’s blog.  I skimmed a blog today.  It was about why this guy would NEVER vote to make the sell of Marijuana legal.  He’s entitled to his opinion, so I won’t comment on his blog, but it did make me think.

In the state of Colorado, the sell of Marijuana is technically legal.  Technically you can sell it, won’t get arrested, by locals, for possessing it, no worries right?  However, even though it is indeed legal for sell and distribution for reasons other than medical in the state of Colorado, the DEA says it is indeed not legal.  If they pick you up for distribution, best believe it won’t be a slap on the wrist.

Federally marijuana is very illegal.  Fail your drug test as a member of the military because you decided to have your very…

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