She opens her mouth.
The smoke comes out.
Shooting out like a bullet.
Passing straight between her lips.

Smoke white as the snow.
Thicker than your average fog.
Dancing vividly atop the winds.

Zig-Zagging to the left, Zig-Zagging to the right.
A snake on mid-air rather than on solid ground.
Always straight, never down.

All I do is watch.
Getting closer and closer.
To me, to my face,to my skin.
Is not smoke now,is a bait.

Tempting me to let it in.
To let it reach deep down inside me.
Deep down my psyche.
I do NOT fight it.

I welcome it. I enjoy it.
Betraying my ways.
Enjoying the price of the sin.
Enjoying the pleasure deny to me.

Felling emotions unknown to myself.
Finally finding peace.
All these emotions from a single smoke.

But then I open my eyes.
I see the whole truth.
It was all a…

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