Yes. Weed is illegal, and yes alcohol is not. But which one is really worse? If you’re a stoner like me, you know the answer, but for some reason, most people just don’t get it. Might as well start with the obvious statistics.

Deaths from alcohol annually: 2,331…today.         Deaths from weed: 0…forever.

Car accidents from alcohol: 10,228 in 2010          Car accidents from weed: 0…forever (again)

alcohol vs weeedI know that last one about weed accidents may not seem true, but there is no compelling evidence that proves that marijuana inhibits driving abilities and motor skills as seriously as mild alcohol doses. If just those facts aren’t enough to convince, stop being ignorant, try both, and figure it out for yourself.

Alcohol inhibits brain function, delays response time, and basically makes you turn into a FUCKING DUMBASS. You never hear…

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