What's it Like?

It’s almost 1:30 in the morning, and even though I’m pretty sure school is canceled, I’m still playing chances and staying up late to write this post.

I’ve never done any kind of drug report/review before, so constructive (or just brutal) criticism is much appreciated.
…And technically, this isn’t a “drug” report at all, medical marijuana is well, medicine, but you get (I hope) what I’m talking about. Maybe not, I’m kind of hazy.

My face is currently getting melted off by an amazing top shelf Ogre indica and I’m still going strong with the blue dream hash. Take note: this concoction will leave you couch locked and hungry. But in the best way possible. I feel great; anxiety is minimal, I’m feeling verrrrry tired, which is rare of me because of my chronic insomnia. It’s a clear, but slightly hazy head high, and my body feels great. I’m…

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