Stoners like you and I get a lot of grief over our “hobby”, and it tends to get pretty fucking annoying if you ask me. It seems no matter what you try and tell you’re hater friend or parent, it always comes back to, “Well, its still illegal and bad for you.” They may have one thing right, that its technically illegal, but its not that bad for you. Anyway, due to the bad rep weed gets, in turn. we get a bad rep. So this one goes to all the haters out there. These are some famous stoners you may know.

colbertStephen Colbert– If you’ve seen the ‘Colbert Report’ on comedy central, you know who this man is. He smoked a ton of pot in high school, which is how he made a lot of friends by passing a bong and telling jokes.

Bill Gates– If you…

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