Stoned In Seattle

Environment is one of if not the key to having a great high. Pick the wrong spot, and you may of just set yourself up for a pretty lame high. Pick the right spot, and you might solve global warming, or at least appreciate that beautiful sunset.

Here are my 5 favorite toking spots:

  1. Sunset Cliffs – San Diego, California
  2. Deception Pass – Pass Island, Washington
  3. Marine Park – Bellingham, Washington
  4. Golden Gardens – Seattle, Washington
  5. My apartment – Location, Undisclosed

This is a list of my favorite places to light up, in several months, I’m sure I’ll have to update this.

What’s your favorite place to light up and partake in the herb? Comment below and tell me! I’d love to find some new toke spots!

Get high my fellow stoners,
Stoned In Seattle

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