King Gluten Free

I have no shame in admitting that I have smoked pot, the estimated use of pot in Canada is 2.3 million, so statistically I’d be there. I haven’t touched it in more than a decade because of the last time I did it I had a terrible experience, it wasn’t anxiety or hallucinating: I was sick to my stomach. I distinctly remember getting so sick that I just shut down and went to bed. That’s it, case closed, after that, I never touched it again.

189589_4562256551_988_n me. 2006. Big bowl of chips. Pre-Celiac Diagnosis.

This whole event happened four years before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and four years before I even knew what the world gluten was.

Before you get all stupid on me and start ranting that i think marijuana is a bad drug and only bad people do it and it’s illegal. Shut up. I have no…

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