Everyday starts off with a Bong hit, everyday ends with a bong hit and a cigarrete to charge that motherfucker up.

#thefirsttime ive been smoking weed since i was in the ninth grade. i was never into it back in the day. i never really enjoyed it so much before. infact it use to scare the hell out of me. also it was poorly judged by the public. stoners were said to be cheap and made fun of. My schoolmates and i decided to bunk school and smoke weed one day. i usually hung out with my seniors. they had planned everything. the weed,munchies,the location where we would meet and means of transport. my buddy had rolled a joint which was finished in a short while. so this wasnt everyones first time. it was just me. I was as high as an eagle! i couldnt stop laughing. and i didnt…

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